Clients can receive up to up to 125% of monthly gross sales in a single injection. The maximum approval amount is $55,000
• Terms range from 6 – 15 months
• Renewal Eligibility after every 35% of repayment
• Average time for financing: 5 – 7 business days
• Open Term Loan – 10% Discount of outstanding balance when paid out early as a lump sum payment
• Preferred industries: retail, restaurant, spas and salons, manufacturing, logistics (not owner operated), etc.; think high volume, low individual ticket item businesses
• Prohibited industries: skilled workers, owner operator – trucking, one-man operations, real estate agents, brokers, property management, etc


• Must be at least 3 – 6 months in business

• Minimum deposits into bank account / month: 4

• Minimum $10,000 avg. monthly gross revenue


• Signed and completed application

• Bank statements: most recent 6 months

• Amount requested and intended use of funds

• Accountant prepared Financial Statements and Interim Financials

• Only applicable on applications for funding requests of $80,000 and above

The information requested can enable us to provide a conditional offer to the client. We can get quotes within 48 hours upon receipt of the complete documents. The funding process takes anywhere between5-7 days.